Thinking about Going A+ on Amazon?

Here’s Why it’s the Best Option for Your Brand

In 2018, Amazon started to roll out features to sellers that amped up their brand pages. They dubbed it A+ content and since its roll out, it has helped Amazon shoppers determine which products to buy.

But, is it right for your company and your brand?

We’re here to tell you that it absolutely is. Building A+ content on Amazon will not only increases your brand visibility but it will also arm your potential customers with every reason to buy your product over a competitor’s product.

But what is A+ content and why is it so important for your business?

Building A+ content pages on Amazon is crucial if you are trying to market a product and a brand. Typically, an Amazon listing for a product will contain a few images of the product being sold and a brief description of that product. A+ content, however,  superchargers the entire page to provide a more holistic and robust understanding of what your consumers will be buying. It does this in a few ways:

A+ Content Experts Amazon Marketing

More images = More Consumer Traffic:

Think of yourself as an online shopper. What’s the first thing you notice when you’re browsing through pages of products and trying to figure out which one is right for you?

If you really think about it, it was probably the product images that pulled you and made you take a look at that page. This is one of the biggest advantages of building Amazon A+ content for your products and your brand.

Old fashioned Amazon allowed you to put a few images in and a brief description, but A+ content allows you to add images at a whole new level. You can create a robust visual shopping experience that allows shoppers to see the product at different angles, check out videos of the product, and you can even provide “lifestyle” shots of your product.

Why does this help? You’re selling a solution to customers, not just a product. If you can provide the visual evidence that your product fits into their lives and helps them in some way, then you bet you’ll increase traffic to your product pages and, in turn, increase your sales.

Robust Product Descriptions Build Confidence:

With A+ content , Amazon allows you to not only introduce the product you are selling to consumers but it also allows you to provide a number of other crucial pieces of information that consumers are looking for when comparing similar products. With Amazon A+ content you’re able to:

  • Introduce your product in a few short sentences. Amazon allows you a 100 word product introduction when using A+. This is a great way to hook online shoppers into your page and get them interested in your product. You can also maximize this paragraph using some SEO techniques on Amazon to increase traffic to your page.
  • Make your product stand out by providing features and descriptions in an easy to read list. Internet shoppers want information fast when they’re looking to purchase a product and A+ content provides that. Instead of having long descriptions that people have to sift through, you can break down all the features and benefits of your product in a easy to navigate bulleted list.
  • Magnify Your Brand Story: Building A+ content pages allows you to highlight your company and its mission. With more and more consumers being “mission conscious” when it comes to buying products, this crucial component of an A+ content page on Amazon will help you deliver what your potential customers are looking for: a company and a brand that resonates with their own core beliefs.

If you really want to maximize your use of Amazon A+ content, you’ll do it through SEO. Making sure that your descriptions, your images, and your content use SEO tactics to put yourself at the top of search engine listing will only increase the traffic to your page. While you can do this to some extent with normal Amazon Seller pages, the sheer amount of information you get to provide on an Amazon A+ page allows you to maximize SEO in order to drive potential customers to your brand and your product pages on Amazon.

The Verdict? A+ Content is Worth It.

When you are competing against hundreds of other sellers on Amazon, A+ product pages provide a competitive edge. You’re giving consumers a deeper understanding of your company, its mission, and how what you are selling helps them solve problems in their own eyes. When it comes to customer conversions and driving sales, the time and money spent on building A+ content pages on Amazon will pay many times over.

If you’re ready to supercharge your brand and bring in new customers at a rapid pace, then you definitely don’t want to dismiss the power of creating Amazon  A+ content pages.

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